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Greeting from Summer Camp!

Posted on Jul 3 2024 - 5:03pm

We're having fun at Summer Camp!    We'll put up higher resolution pictures on Facebook, and a place you can see them all together, after camp.

Next up is our Adventure Trip in August.    

Summer Camp!

Posted on Jun 26 2024 - 11:13pm


Only 4 days until Summer Camp!
We’re meeting at JNW at 01:00 PM on Sunday.    Please try to get there as close to then as possible.      Look for my car and trailer in the parking lot.    We’ll put your Scouts foot locker and bedding on the  trailer so I can ferry it up to our site.    Then we’ll meet on the parade field next to the parking lot for checking, and our tour of camp.   An adult must stay until we’ve checked your Scout in!
Wear or have your bathing suit and towel handy as we’ll be doing our swim test during the tour.    Even if you’re not spending time at the water front, you still need to take a swim test.
Don’t forget anything special your Scout may have signed up for including Bike and helmet, snorkel gear, fishing rod, ATV clothes, etc.     The merit badges Scouts signed up for are here:   MB Scout Summary      Let me know if you’d like to make any changes.
There’s lots of information on the main camp hub here:   https://www.gotowebster.org/scout-summer-camp.html
Merit Badge descriptions and prerequisites.   Bring any partial blue cards!
For everyone, the Program Guide has lots of useful information.    
  • See page 6 for a list of What a Scout Should bring to Camp.   
  • Page 7 for Information for Parents, including:
    • details about the Troop picture ($12 if you’re interested)
    • Friday evening BBQ  and prices
    • Visitors
  • Page 9 for Checking in on Sunday
And, don’t forget Theme Days!
If you still need to get a foot locker, here’s an example you may be able to find at Walmart.   
Any similar container or tote will work fine.   
If you have ANY questions, please let us know.
Double check page 6 for what a Scout should bring to camp, and See you on Sunday at camp!
Mike Miller         ‭(860) 794-2255‬
Joe Petroski       ‭(860) 992-6199‬ 
Nicki Krajewski   ‭(860) 534-0455‬

Congratulations, Ray!

Posted on Jun 26 2024 - 11:13pm

We had a very nice Eagle Court of Honor for Ray on Sunday.  

Ray Eagle Court of Honor this Sunday

Posted on Jun 19 2024 - 11:26pm

Don't forget Ray's Eagle Court of Honor this Sunday,  6/23,  at 12:30 PM at the Avery Street Church.

Full Class A Uniforms.

Support your Eagle Scout, and we'll see you on Sunday!

Summer Camp is Coming!

Posted on Jun 19 2024 - 11:23pm

Your Scout Leaders attended a BBQ pre-Summer Camp get together at Camp JNW to get ready for Summer Camp!

Medical forms were turned in, we attended an open house with more details about our week at camp, toured the new visitors center, and checked out our usual site 8B.     

This year should be exciting;   Stay tuned for an email about theme days, and start packing.    Make sure you've got a foot locker (or some kind of plastic tote) to store all your gear in, and we'll see you at JNW on Sunday 6/30 at 01:00 PM in the main parking lot.

See you in one and a half weeks at camp!

Last Troop Meeting

Posted on Jun 12 2024 - 11:37pm

The Scouts had an amazing trip to Sleeping Giant State Park last weekend, and camped out in a primitive site.    Lots of hiking, wonderful views, and Patrol cooking.    We'll have to go back there again.     And we'll put up higher resolution pictures on our Facebook page.

We had our last Troop Meeting of the 2023/2024 year tonight.    We'll start up regular Troop meetings in the fall.

We had two new Cub Scouts visit us, and they were impressed with the Scouts.   Hopefully they'll be future Scouts in our Troop!     We also planned menus for the August Trip.

And, the winner of the second Patrol Contest this year is the Phoenix Patrol.   Congratulations!

We'll see you next at Ray's Eagle Court of Honor.   Make sure you save that date!   Then Summer camp, and then the Berkshire East Camping and Whitewater Rafting Trip.    Stay tuned for more communications about both of those.



  • 06/23  Sunday 12:30 - 3:00   Ray Darling Eagle Court of Honor.   Avery Street Church.   Support your Eagle Scout!
  • (The  PLC Planning / Cookout will be rescheduled.)
  • 06/30 - 07/04  Sunday - Friday     Summer Camp!   Get those medical forms in.
  • 08/09 - 08/11  Friday - Sunday - Berkshire East Camping and Whitewater Rafting Trip

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