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Adventure, Achievement, and Fun!

Get ready for an exciting year of Scouting!

Welcome to our 2013-2014 season.   We meet weekly at P.R.Smith at 7PM on Wednesday’s when South Windsor schools are in session.   Come visit us.

Stay tuned to our emails and Facebook page for the most up to date info!

Your Summer Camp Checklist

See the emails to the Troop with the latest info on the Summer Trip.

1.   It’s not too late to join us!    If you’re not listed, let Mr Olson and I know ASAP if you’d like to join us July 6-11 at J.N.W.  
We will sign you up online.     And we’re looking for an adult leader interested in spending all or part of the week.

We highly recommend Summer Camp to our new Cross Over Scouts.    They always get the best possible camp price.     It’s a great experience, and all of our previous first years have loved it!

2.  Schedule your camp physical and chase the forms.    All Scouts and Leaders staying must have a physical within 1 year of camp.    If your physical will be over one year old when you’re at camp, then you need a new one.   They’re very strict about this one.

  —>   NOTE:   The forms have changed.    Please read carefully!!   <—
    Bring this form to the Doctors.   You may need to copy some sections:   

2014 Health Form

—>    For everyone.     Section C filled out, signed and dated by the Dr.s office.

—>    If applicable - One Authorization for the Administration of Medication PER MEDICATION with Dr.s signature.  This form is two pages each.

—>  If applicable - Food Allergy Treatment plan with Dr.s signature.
    When you have the forms, signatures, etc.   Please bring two copies of them in to a Troop meeting.
    We must have all sections A,B,C,D, signatures, photo copies of insurance cards,  and any med, allergy sections.  


3.   Pick your Merit Badges and any specialty items NOW!    Cooking MB has already filled up.   Other popular MBs and extra activities like ATV PowerSports, Welding MB, Whitewater MB, Golf MB, may fill up quickly.     Consider the Iron Man/Mile Swim.     And the Council in Training Program - We’ve had many successes with that.    Or an Encore week for $280.

Let Mr Olson and I know - We’ll sign you up online.

4.   Here’s some additional reading and teasers:

New to JNW? - Intro Video

JN Webster Part 1 (Admin)

JN Webster Part 2 (Advancement)

JN Webster Part 3 (Forms)

Webster Program Highlights

New ATV PowerSports Program (Age 14+)

5.  We will be available at Troop meetings for any questions, and will have a quick orientation meeting in June.    Please bring in any questions and completed forms and copies as soon as you have them.

6.   We’ll need at least one of our senior Scouts to join Mr Olson and I for the pre-camp meeting Tuesday July 1st at camp.    This is where you’ll get to sign your Troop up for activities.

Afternoon Troop/Patrol Activities

7.   There’s an optional 2014 camp T-Shirt you can order on your own if you’re interested:  

JNW T-shirts

8.   Final payments for camp are due May 15.    Please bring in your balance to a Troop meeting before then.


Every summer our Troop takes a special trip to a place we wouldn't be able to go to during the school year.  This year's trip is to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the site of one of the most famous battles of the United States Civil War.  Our troop will be camping right on the actual battlefield in an area designated for youth groups like our own.  The sights and history of the Civil War will be all around us for our four day and three night stay.  And there's a ghost walk in old Gettysburg and a stop at Hershey Park as well!
The file attached has all the details you need to know - what we're doing, dates, times, what to bring.  The last page is the sign-up page, and it has the directions for signing up and making sure you are part of the fun on this summer's trip!
$50 deposit per person is due by June 13; fully trip cost is due by July 18.  Bring the back page (filled out!) and your deposit to a troop meeting to either Mr. Leslie or Mr. Miranda.  If you prefer, mail the form and your deposit/payment to Steve Leslie at 61 Lisa Drive in South Windsor before the deadlines.
Please call with any questions!
Mr. Leslie  860-614-4998
Mr. Miranda  860-648-9453

Troop 186 Summer Adventure Trip to Gettysburg

Upcoming 2014 Events:

* 06/13

Need Deposits for Gettysburg!

* 06/19 - 06/22

Rest Stop Fundraiser

* 07/06 - 07/11
Summer Camp at JN Webster

* 08/15 - 08/18
Summer Trip to Gettysburg

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