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Balloon Visit, Pictures, and Videos from the previous year

Balloon Visit

Wow! You never know who’s going to drop in on a Troop Meeting. A special thanks to John Bond and his family for the great reception they gave to the Scouts.

You can check out a few pictures and videos here:

And if you have a LOT of time to spend… You can see pictures and a few videos from whitewater rafting (Madeline’s Boat had the most fun), zip lining, and a mountain coaster on our Summer Adventure Trip. And a whole lot more here:


2014-09-28 Ryan Rosenbaum Eagle Project 1
2014-10-05 Rest Stop Fundraiser
2014-10-11 Ryan Rosenbaum Eagle Project 2
2014-11-01 Michael Gearhart Eagle Project 1
2014-11-08 Scouting for Food
2014-11-09 Michael Gearhart Eagle Project 2
2014-12-03 Launch
2014-12-13 Wreaths Across America
2014-12-17 Game Night
2015-01-21 Troop Webelos Visit
2015-01-31 Camp Workcoeman
2015-02-21 Alex Biron Eagle Project 1
2015-03-04 Scout Leader Training
2015-03-27 Laser Quest
2015-04-08 Troop Meeting Opening
2015-04-09 Alex Biron Eagle Project 2
2015-04-26 Michael Gearhart Eagle COH
2015-05-06 Troop Meeting Field Day
2015-05-17 Scott Stonoha Eagle Project 1
2015-05-23 Stephen Barth Eagle Project
2015-05-30 Scott Stonoha Eagle Project 2
2015-06-25 Pirates Patrol Dave and Busters
2015-07-05 Summer Camp JNW
2015-07-19 Summer Camp JNW Thunderbirds
2015-08-14 Summer Adventure Trip

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